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Start saving energy and money using Z-Wave


From lighting, climate, irrigation and shading controls to intelligent outlets and power strips, there are hundreds of simple, interoperable Z-Wave products that let you monitor, control and manage your home energy usage.

For example, intelligent dimming (whether you're home or not) already saves your lighting energy by 25-40%. Truly regulating your home's thermostat with Z-Wave will save you money right away.

You can even set up a "shut down" mode for your house so when you leave the house you can instantly turn off all those chargers, computers, A/V equipment and more.

Z-Wave makes a difference both you and your wallet will feel good about!

Z-Wave will give you that "how did I live without it" feeling


Have you ever had to run back home to close the back door because you forgot?

Or maybe were late to an appointment because you had to run around the house turning off lights, computers, air conditioner and all the other things that are part of your "leaving the house" routine?

Well Z-Wave can be your new best friend by giving you a new convenience you'll never want to do without.

Setting up scenes on your smart phone will let you, with one touch of a button, automatically lock all the doors, turn off the lights, fans, air conditioners, televisions, computers and just about anything else you may want to switch off before you go.

You can also do the reverse by letting your house know that you're coming home and it will warm up for you, light up the rooms and have your favorite music playing. It means you can get the kids to school on time or get where ever you need to go, more easily.

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