Home Cinema/Media Systems

Why live with a single screen cinema when you can own a multiplex? The HDanywhere Multiroom+ series of ‘whole home’ HDTV + networking solutions use a next-gen technology called HDBaseT to transmit Full HD video, multichannel audio and Internet connectivity around your house using single Cat5e/6 wire.

Perfect for extending the reach of any AV system, the HDBaseT transmission process itself doesn’t introduce any degradation in video quality, you can even use it to route totally lossless HDMI Full HD 1080p 3D and Ultra HD 4K resolutions up to 100 metres.

Thanks to minijack IR transmitters, you can control any of your eight HDMI sources from the additional screen locations, using for example our HDanywhere Universal Handheld Remote Control or via your phone or tablet with our Apple/Android Universal Remote App.

Connect the HDanywhere Hub to your network router to extend a fast wired Internet connection to each screen location, much better than wifi for streaming on-demand TV and using apps on SMART TVs. (such as BBC iPlayer, online gaming and social networking).

The system comprise of a central hub and smaller receiver units for each screen location. The central hub features four HDMI inputs and IR minijack ports, four RJ45 HDBT outputs, and Ethernet loop-though for connection to a LAN/Router. The receiver unit is available in two formats; ‘standard’ or ‘wallplate’. Both have an RJ45 HDBT input plus HDMI out to the screen. It also features 2x additional RJ45 10/100 Ethernet ports for Internet connectivity. All you need do is run cat cable between the two. The receivers require a small 5V power supply in order to work.


HDanywhere™ Multiroom+ lets you select, watch and control all your media devices on every HDTV throughout your home, not just the main set. Everyone can enjoy their choice of entertainment in different rooms at the same time, whilst taking advantage of a faster than WiFi Internet connection for smoother, buffer-free browsing.


Watch the demo video below now:-